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Hi minna,
can someone help me?? where can i download miroku's ringtone??
and where can i download another version of keep the faith [when norika run away from school to follow yuya]??
Thank you so much for your info..
good day.. ^^
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[Selling] Pinups/Posters, Clippings, DVDs, and more!

Hello all,

We're selling some pinups, posters, and clippings of various JE members/groups at our selling journal HERE, including some including a Yukan Club poster! Some other faces you might recognize are NEWS, Arashi, KAT-TUN, Kanjani8, SMAP, V6, Tackey and Tsubasa, KinKi Kids, Hey! Say! JUMP and more!

Also in this sales post is a heck of a lot of Junior merchandise, including Kis-My-ft2, A.B.C., BAD & BOYS, OSSaN, Kansai juniors, etc. etc. at only $0.25 per page--what's more, we're having a special discount sale for them this time around! Please come and take a look!

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Yukan Club Icons

Yesterday I created some icons from Yukan Club. My computer has driven me insane, because it reset itself five times while I was making them. That's why there's only 10. But anyway, enjoy them^^

10 Yukan Club Icons
[ 5 ] Shochikubai Miroku (Akanishi Jin)
[ 3 ] Bidou Granmarie (Taguchi Junnosuke)
[ 1 ] Kenbishi Yuri (Minami)
[ 1 ] Hakushika Noriko (Kashii Yu)

The rest of them is here @ elasticbanana
maou ohno


Hello, people!! :D

Just want to ask about that song Miroku(Jin) uses as his alarm tone, does anyone have an mp3 of that?
Or does anyone know what's the title of the song and who's the artist?

A friend is searching for it. (;;^^)

Thank you in advance for whoever'll reply. (;;^^)

Piano version of Keep the Faith

konnichiwa minna-san! ^^,

so sorry to be of bother but does anyone know if there is a piano version to keep the faith?

i know i heard it in one of the earlier episodes [probably 3 or 4] and it's not in the official soundtrack [i have it and checked] so i was really wondering if there is.

i sort of need it badly.

thanks for the help everyone! X3