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Yukan Club Episode 1

It`s wonderful! The characters are so great! I nearly died between Seishirou breaking ice with his karate punch, Bidou`s love of...himself, and Yuuri`s eating habits (that made me really hungry XD)!!!

...And that was only 10 minutes into the episode!

The episode opened with a montage of scenes where you were introduced to each character as they are heading to school. I squeed with delight when I saw Otokoyama (Miroku`s dog <3), and then proceeded to sit there in amazed shock at how incredibly cool Seishirou looks in his PERSONAL dojo, then moved to happy squees of excitement over the mass of food in front of Yuuri, Bidou`s rose petal bath, Noriko`s perfectionism during tea ceremony, and Karen`s jumping around as she tries to get her skirt buttoned.

I`m so dead serious when I saw that more than half of the first chunk of this episode looked like it was lifted from the manga and put onto my TV set. It amazes me!

When Miroku gets his butt to school (after an incredibly cool-looking slide through the gate on his motorcycle), and goes into the room Yukan Club uses...I just freaked! The entire scene...Karen and Bidou dancing, Seishiro and Noriko playing Go by the window, Yuuri eating, Miroku sitting down with his guitar...So cool!!!

(From volume 1 of the manga)

Oh! And their arrival at school XD The admirers!!! XD Poor Seishirou looked so embarassed <3 Yuuri just likes the food, I think haha Noriko runs fast! @_@ Karen and Bidou, of course, love theirs hehe XD

**Don`t read past the cut unless you don`t mind spoilers!!!**

Basically, this episode was about 神無祭 (Kanna Festival), which is a huge ballroom dance competition that takes place each year, and has for many many years. The members of the Yukan Club (also the heads of the Student Body Government) are told that they want the festival to go smoothly, and that the school wants to win. Any funny business and all six members of the Yukan Club will be kicked out of school.

**Note: The teachers basically don`t like the Yukan Club.**

So then, we find out that the team for their school has been hurt because they were attacked by someone the night before. This obviously does not sit well with the members of the club, but they can`t really do anything...Then Bidou and Karen are choosen as the replacements for the festival. (*Que Ren squeeing with delight as Bidou`s narcissim and Karen`s constant search for the attention of potential rich suitors amuses her* XD)

Miroku books out early because he has a `man to man` promise to keep...Which means he owes Otokoyama a walk because he overslept that morning. While he is walking him, he happens on a girl and her dog getting attacked in the park. After rescuing her, he finds out that she was also being attacked because she is an entrant in Kanna Festival. Her name is Saki and Miroku falls for her almost immediately! XD

Being the resourceful person that he is, Miroku follows the car of the men who attacked Saki. (The tracking device he planted on the back of their car was a big help, I`m sure XD) And they find out that it is the president of Takashimizu Company. (I can`t remember what the company does...) We also get to meet his dad, who is a bit of a spaz and has lackies! :D He`s also there to scope out the president because of suspected gambling (I think).

The next day, Miroku walks into the Club`s room to find out that Yuuri caught Saki and him walking together the day before. They all give him a hard time, and say that they want to help him. This is when they all get serious and cool, and start plotting on how to stop these attacks on the other dancers. Bidou uses his awesome contacts as the son of the ambassador and pulls out a whole slew of business cards and invitations. One of them is to a party held by the Takashimizu Company. Seishirou gets a delicious-looking smile on his face and says this will be useful. (*cue Ren melting for like the 500000000000000000000th time*)

...And we are only about 25 minutes into the episode.

Outside of the party, Seishirou is sitting in a truck (in a kimono), co-ordinating all 5 of the other members (in a kimono)...But he quickly becomes frustrated (in a kimono) as the others are all concerned with other things. haha

Bidou: women (he gets a sharp comment from Seishirou (in a kimono) for looking at a woman`s boobs XD)
Yuuri: food, and lots of it <3
Karen: men
Miroku: dodging his father who is also at the party
Noriko: men...but for the opposite reason that Karen is (Noriko hates men)

Seishirou is left glaring at each of the screens and tapping his fingers on the keyboard in annoyance (in a kimono).

Miroku then spots the men who he fought in the park the other day and, after ditching his now drunk dad, follows them up the stairs.

Here is where we learn that Yuuri is not a good person to have stand guard...Because she will get distracted by food and wonder off! XD (In her defense, the food looked REALLY good @_@)

Miroku follows the men, which leads to a small room with a computer...

Small problem...He needs a password.

Cue Noriko! Who must (unhappily) flirt with President Takashimizu in order to ask him questions that might give Miroku clues to what the password is. Here you get to see the power of a childhood friendship as Seishirou basically tells Noriko to suck it up for long enough to get the password for Miroku.

She grabs a drink and walks over to the president...Who is a gross man and gives her the most disgusting once over, and then starts trying to be sexy and tell her how much he loves a woman in Japanese-style clothing. (Oh it was so ewww...I feel Noriko`s pain in that situation! D:) After another `stick it out!` from Seishiro(as the president is currently leaning in and staring her up and down again), she starts asking questions. When birthday doesn`t work, she asks what his three sizes are...Which Miroku thinks is the stupidest question to ask.

Except it works! @_@ (Grosssssssss XP)

In the computer is a database of all the teams entered into Kanna Festival AND the amounts of money in bets. It totals some 1 billion yen!!! @_@

Miroku BARELY gets the data into a memory stick before having to hide from the bad guys. But he got the information that they need to frame the guy.

Cue Yuuri in the guise of a potential gambler...

Finally, it`s the day of the festival. Yukan Club`s members have come along with Otokoyama and Saki`s dog to cheer everyone on. (Gyah! That was the scene for the extras...T_T) The first round goes without a hitch, and everyone is excited about the 20 teams that are left...Except that upon returning to the dressing room, people discover that their outfits have been ruined, among other things...

But the show must go on, and with Yuuri`s help, Saki is able to continue as well.

...Which is good as all but one other team suddenly begins running off of the dance floor with horrible stomach pain! (Including Bidou and Karen! Which provided us with the most hilarious site of Bidou running off holding his butt XD) It turns out that everyone has something slipped into their drinks during the first round, but Saki and her partner didn`t have a drink because they gave their drinks to Bidou and Karen after theirs were knocked over.

Just before the final round, Saki gets a text message from the bad guys saying they have her dog, and if she wants her back ok...She has to back out of the competition. Otokoyama, who was protecting her, got hurt when she was being kidnapped (T_T assholes...) Saki wants to back out, but the Yukan Club won`t let her. Seishirou tells her that they can make the impossible possible...And made me faint a little when he snapped his fingers and smiled just a little. (*fans self*)

Cue chase scene, Seishirou co-ordinating on foot, while running (in his uniform)...Which leads to a fight scene with Yuuri KICK, Miroku PUNCH, Seishirou CHOP, and Noriko IHATEMEN!SLAP XD

As for the rest of the episode...I will let you watch and find out how it ends <3

Honestly, I couldn`t be happier with this drama...And I can`t wait for next week because the `Oh-no-Yuuri`s-been-kiddnapped` story is great in the manga XD I`m really interested in seeing how they do some parts of that... :D

Impressions of the characters:

Miroku: Fabulous, I really really REALLY like Jin in this part! Seriously, he`s great and he had me giggling and wanting to pinch his cheeks during the scenes when Miroku is with Saki. So cute! And badass! He`s such a badass sometimes! @_@ I love badasses... I still wish his hair was pink though.

Seishirou: Love him! He`s great because he`s a main character who stays just a bit in the back, but in reality is the backbone of a lot of the opperations. He co-ordinates, lends a chunck of the brains, and always has the perfect quippy comeback or smackdown when needed. He kind of comes across as stand-offish and distant at first, but really he is just so focused and cool. <3

Bidou: AWESOME! I just knew that Junno was going to steal scenes in this part, and I was right! Turns out he is the only thing that can snap me out of `ohmygodSeishirousocool...*drool*` mode haha And Bidou is just great because the character is so in love with himself and narcissitic that it`s funny and really not annoying at all. You can`t help but love him <3

Yuuri: Definately my favorite character of the three girls. There is a bit more focus on how much she loves food in the first ep, but that is a big part of her character, so no biggie. She`s really interesting because she just seems to take everything in stride...Until you piss her off, then watch out XD Did I mention that Minami is the cutest thing ever?!

Noriko: I think I need to warm up to this character a bit more. I like Kashi Yuu, and I think she`s cute...But Noriko I wasn`t even that keen on in the manga, although she`s starting to grow on me a bit more now. That said, I like the character in the drama, and I think that I will like her more as the drama goes on. :)

Karen: I`m kind of the same with Karen as I am with Noriko, but I warmed up to Karen faster than I am to Noriko. She`s very funny, and when she and Bidou are together, it`s awesome, though. XD Much the same as Bidou, she is very into her looks, but not in a way as to make the character dislikeable. Again, I think I`ll like her a bit more as the drama goes on. :)

The other characters, Miroku`s dad, Yuuri`s parents, the pets, the chickens, the maids, the houses, the school, EVERYTHING is so awesome! I seriously can`t wait for next week <3
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